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Maharishi logo

Maharishi was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman with the great vision of creating environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing. The collections have always…

Diemme FW23/24 men collection

Diemme is a high-end Italian brand with a collection that ranges from sneakers to mountaineering boots readapted for city use. The ambition is to produce the highest quality artisan goods with an exceptional level of comfort…

MC2 Saint Barth FW23/24 men collection

MC2 SAINT BARTH was born in 1994 directly from the gorgeous Caribbean Sea colours, the white sand and shells of St Barth Island.
After repeated trips to the wonderful Caribbean island…

Disclaimer SS24 men collection
Disclimer logo
Disclimer logo

The Disclaimer brand was born from the idea of industrializing street art and making it available to the fashion system.The team that has worked and will continue to work on the future of Disclaimer is made up …

BALR. SS24 men collection

BALR. is an international luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus. Aspirational, focused and in-sync with its young and ambitious audience, the company brings the luxurious…

Enterprise Japan SS24 men collection
Enterprise Japan Logo
Enterprise Japan Logo

Not too many years ago NASA tested a GPS seismic monitoring system. Enterprise Japan imagine something similar for the world of fashion. Enterprise Japan puts electromagnetic anomalies…

Parajumpers SS24 men collection
Parajumpers logo medium
Parajumpers logo small

Parajumpers is a warm clothing brand founded in 2006. Inspired by the Alaskan rescuers, known as “parajumpers”, the Italian brand opts for innovative and resistant materials, down filling for autumn-winter and nylon for spring-summer…